Irina Antonenko


Irina Antonenko  is an actress, model, singer, TV presenter, and personality.
Born in Magdeburg, Germany. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, CA.

She holds the title of Miss Russia and Miss Universe finalist.
Her first master’s degree in finance and second master’s in The Russian University of Theater Arts – GITIS.

So far in her career, she had over 20 leading roles in movies and TV shows and I’ve also spent some time doing theater.

In 2021 she got her first role in a Hollywood movie «Gasoline Alley» and she got a SAG-AFTRA membership.

She is very athletic, good at fighting. She is positive, hardworking, and dedicated as well!

Irina Antonenko - Miss Russia


”Gasoline Alley”

2021 (in production) the role – Star. Director Edward Drake, USA. Action, thriller. Starring: Bruce Willis, Devon Sawa, Luke Wilson, Irina Antonenko, Ash Adams.

“Friend for sale”

2020 (in production) / the role – Katya. Director Alexander Danilov, Russia. Comedy.


2020 (TV series) / role – Tamara Sinyavskaya. Director Dmitry Tyurin, Roman Prygunov Russia. Biography, drama, music.

“Say something good”

2019 (TV series) / the role – Eugenia. Director Stanislav Dremov Russia. Melodrama.


2018 / the role – Katya. Director Tigran Sahakyan, Russia. Thriller.

“Blood revenge”

2019 (mini-series) / the role – Dean. dir. Miroslav Malich, Ukraine. Melodrama.

“Give my dream”

2018 (TV series) / the role – Marina. dir. Dmitry Matov Russia, Ukraine. Melodrama.


2016 / the role – Dasha. dir. Mikhail Raskhodnikov, Russia. Sports, melodrama, crime.

“Sworn friends”

2017 / the role – Tanya. dir. Andrey Selivanov Russia. Melodrama.


2017 (TV series) / the role – Varvara dir. Angelina Nikonova, Alexander Baranov Russia. Detective.


2016 / the role – Anastasia Kyukhel. dir. Nikolay Sarkisov Russia. Western film.

“Ded Moroz. Battle of the Mages”

2016 / the role – Lina. dir. Alexander Voitinsky, USA. Russia. Fantasy, action, family, adventure.

“The sun as a gift.”

2016 (TV series) / the role – Lyalya. dir. Sergey Lyalin, Russia. Melodrama.


2016 (TV series) / the role – Veronica. dir. Sergey Lyalin Russia. Melodrama.


2015 / the role – Katya. dir. Sergey Druzyk, Greece. Family, short.

“Nice job”

2015 / the role – the Girl in the cafe. dir. Tigran Sahakyan, Evgeny Yuranov Russia. Short film, drama.

“There will be no wedding”

2014 / the role – Alice. dir. Igor Voitulevich, Russia. Melodrama.

“Surprise for a loved one”

2014 (TV series)/ the role – Nik, dir. Andrey Selivanov, Russia. Melodrama.


2014-2015 (TV series) / the role – Alena Gromov. dir. Oleg Asadulin, Mark Gorobets Russia. Science fiction, adventure, melodrama.

“Golden cage”

2013 (TV series) / the role – Alina Dmitrienko. dir. Sergey Keshishev Russia. Drama, melodrama.

“The Darkest Hour “

2011 / dir. Chris Gorak, USA. Russia. Science fiction, thriller.