Irina Antonenko


Hey, I’m Irina Antonenko – an actress and model who loves to have fun and express myself through my work. I’ve been passionate about performing since I was a kid, and have been lucky enough to turn that passion into a career.

I have worked on over 20 international films and TV shows, including my latest Hollywood films, modeled for Philippe Plein and was a finalist at the Miss Universe pageant.

Whether I’m in front of the camera or on stage, I bring a dynamic energy and presence that people can’t help but be drawn to. But there’s more to me than just acting and modeling – I also love to cook, especially when I’m whipping up meals for my friends.

When I’m not working on my craft or experimenting in the kitchen, I love to sing. There’s nothing quite like belting out my favorite tunes at the top of my lungs. It’s a great way to let off steam and express myself in a different way. I’m always looking for new creative outlets to explore, and I feel like there’s no limit to what I can achieve if I put my mind to it.

Irina Antonenko


”Taken from Rio Bravo”

2023 Role: Valerie
(Post-Prod) Director: Joe Cornet

”Infinite Game”

Role: Princess Diba. (Pre-Prod) Director: Adlan Parsa

”Emma: Ten Commandments of Robotics”

Role: Natalie. (Pre-Prod) Director: Andrei Bart.

”Gasoline Alley”

2021 (in production) the role – Star. Director Edward Drake, USA. Action, thriller. Starring: Bruce Willis, Devon Sawa, Luke Wilson, Irina Antonenko, Ash Adams.

“Friend for sale”

2020 (in production) / the role – Katya. Director Alexander Danilov, Russia. Comedy.


2020 (TV series) / role – Tamara Sinyavskaya. Director Dmitry Tyurin, Roman Prygunov Russia. Biography, drama, music.

“Say something good”

2019 (TV series) / the role – Eugenia. Director Stanislav Dremov Russia. Melodrama.


2018 / the role – Katya. Director Tigran Sahakyan, Russia. Thriller.

“Blood revenge”

2019 (mini-series) / the role – Dean. dir. Miroslav Malich, Ukraine. Melodrama.

“Give my dream”

2018 (TV series) / the role – Marina. dir. Dmitry Matov Russia, Ukraine. Melodrama.


2016 / the role – Dasha. dir. Mikhail Raskhodnikov, Russia. Sports, melodrama, crime.

“Sworn friends”

2017 / the role – Tanya. dir. Andrey Selivanov Russia. Melodrama.


2017 (TV series) / the role – Varvara dir. Angelina Nikonova, Alexander Baranov Russia. Detective.


2016 / the role – Anastasia Kyukhel. dir. Nikolay Sarkisov Russia. Western film.

“Ded Moroz. Battle of the Mages”

2016 / the role – Lina. dir. Alexander Voitinsky, USA. Russia. Fantasy, action, family, adventure.

“The sun as a gift.”

2016 (TV series) / the role – Lyalya. dir. Sergey Lyalin, Russia. Melodrama.


2016 (TV series) / the role – Veronica. dir. Sergey Lyalin Russia. Melodrama.


2015 / the role – Katya. dir. Sergey Druzyk, Greece. Family, short.

“Nice job”

2015 / the role – the Girl in the cafe. dir. Tigran Sahakyan, Evgeny Yuranov Russia. Short film, drama.

“There will be no wedding”

2014 / the role – Alice. dir. Igor Voitulevich, Russia. Melodrama.

“Surprise for a loved one”

2014 (TV series)/ the role – Nik, dir. Andrey Selivanov, Russia. Melodrama.


2014-2015 (TV series) / the role – Alena Gromov. dir. Oleg Asadulin, Mark Gorobets Russia. Science fiction, adventure, melodrama.

“Golden cage”

2013 (TV series) / the role – Alina Dmitrienko. dir. Sergey Keshishev Russia. Drama, melodrama.

“The Darkest Hour “

2011 / dir. Chris Gorak, USA. Russia. Science fiction, thriller.